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Accident Forgiveness

Do you want accident forgiveness on your auto insurance policy?

Accident Forgiveness

One accident can hurt your driving record and cause your insurance rates to go up. Wouldn’t it be nice to protect yourself from a premium increase? Well, you actually can with an insurance product we offer called “Accident Forgiveness”.

Accident Forgiveness can prevent your unfortunate event from getting worse. Under Accident Forgiveness, if you’re involved in an accident, your rates won’t increase – even if the accident is your fault. This applies only one time per policy, and once it’s been used, you’ll be eligible to receive it again three years later. It’s worth the savings and peace of mind.

Ultimately, Accident Forgiveness is a feature of an auto insurance policy that protects you from a raised insurance premium. However, every auto insurance carrier has its own procedure and policy in regards to accident forgiveness, so it is important to have a policy that is right for you and your needs.

Contact Lions & Coventry Insurance Services today to find out how you can receive the benefits of Accident Forgiveness for your Auto Insurance policy.

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