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Cannabis Workers Compensation

Do you need cannabis workers compensation insurance?

Cannabis Workers Compensation

Cannabis Workers Compensation Insurance provides coverage in the event of an employee injury, or fatal accident. Most states require it, so it is very important to make sure your business has Cannabis Workers Compensation Insurance in order to stay in compliance with state laws. Whether you have employees, or “helpers” who work for a small wage, or product, Cannabis Workers Compensation is extremely important to have. In fact, many cannabis businesses choose to bring on “helpers” in exchange for a small wage, product, or both.  If your helper is supervised, instructed, can quit or be discharged at any time and/or performs work as part of your regular business, it is likely that the state would deem your helper as an employee. Failure to have a Marijuana Workers Compensation policy results in punitive action which will involve hefty fines and the state may even go to the extent of shutting your business down.  If you have employees, this is a coverage you simply must have. Should an employee, or helper be injured (including slips, trips, and falls) while on the job, as the employer, you could be held liable for costly expenses.

It’s also important for you to know that General Liability will not provide coverage in the event of an employee related injury or death as it only applies to third parties.

Here at Lions & Coventry, we offer specialized insurance services for cannabis business owners and work with the top, A-rated carriers who offer coverages specifically designed for the industry.  Every cannabis operation is different, so when you contact us, we will discover your needs, review potential exposures and help you make an informed decision on the best coverages and Cannabis Workers Compensation policy for you. 

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