Collision Coverage

Let’s face it. Cars are expensive and accidents happen… and sometimes it’s our own fault. Collision Insurance is a coverage that can reimburse you for damage sustained to your vehicle, due to the fault of the insured driver (that’s you). While your normal auto policy covers you when someone else is at fault, this is an extension to your policy to help you out if you accidentally bump that tree, parked car, guardrail or other possible roadway hazards.

How much collision coverage is needed?
Different drivers require different coverage options for their Auto Insurance policies. Determining the right amount of Collision Coverage depends on factors like the age and year of your car, as well as your financial situation. An insurance specialist from Lions & Coventry Insurance Services can help you find an insurance option that best fits your budget.

These types of incidents never feel good and they feel even worse if your insurance rates increase afterward. Many of our clients choose to add Accident Forgiveness to their policy which ensures that insurance rates won’t increase even if the insured was at fault. Other options you might consider to make sure you’re fully covered include Diminishing Deductible and GAP Coverage. Or contact us today and we’ll take the time to find the right solutions for you and your budget.

Let's get started!

Here at Lions & Coventry, we will take the time to discover your needs and find you the best solution at the best rate. Contact us today!

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