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Contractors Insurance

As a contractor, while you get the job done, you face a lot of risks while doing it and having the right Contractors Insurance policy in place can increase profits.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 4% of all workers in the industry suffer injuries or illnesses—and the resulting costs add up. This is compounded by the many other problems that can occur at a given work site. Due to the many risk factors contractors routinely face in their work, good insurance policies become essential to any successful contractor’s operation.

Contractor’s insurance covers problems typically associated with the risks of construction and renovation projects, including risks to your employees, your work site, and anyone or any equipment involved. Most of these policies are a combination of other policies, often including:

The coverage that’s needed depends on the work that you do. Contractors in different industries often have different insurance needs (and occasionally different requirements, depending on local legislation). Lions & Coventry Insurance Services can help you determine which forms of insurance are required for your company and ensure that you’re never left exposed.

Equipment Coverage

You know the importance of having the right tools for the job and if tools are inoperable, or stolen, it will quickly cut into profits and the job might not get done.  Whether you operate large pieces of equipment (bulldozers, etc.), or chose to protect your expensive tools, Contractors Equipment Insurance will provide you the coverage that standard policies will not. 

Lions & Coventry Insurance Services’ goal is to mitigate your risks as much as possible, and the more we know about your equipment, the better the policy we can offer. On request, we can let you know about how certain pieces of equipment are classified, the associated level of risk, and what kind of reimbursements you can expect if something goes wrong.  Contact us today and we will put together the right Contractor equipment insurance policy that fits your needs and your budget.

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