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Diminishing Deductible Insurance

What are your thoughts on Diminishing Deductible?

Diminishing Deductible Insurance

As a driver, safety should be one of your top concerns – safety for your passengers and for other drivers on the road. When you find the right coverage with Lions & Coventry Insurance Services, you’ll benefit from being a responsible driver.  With Diminishing Deductible, you can actually get rewarded for being an accident and violation-free driver.

When you sign up for Diminishing Deductible, you’ll receive an immediate $100 credit on your deductible. From there, you can add $100 of more credit for every year – simply by being a safe driver. Drivers under Diminishing Deductible can receive up to a maximum of $500 credit. You can think of a Diminishing Deductible as a type of incentive offered to reduce your insurance deductible by keeping a safe and clean driving record.

For even more options and to learn more, talk to a representative with Lions & Coventry Insurance Services about Total Loss Deductible Waiver. If your car gets totaled in an accident, and if you’re covered under this waiver, you won’t be responsible for paying your deductible.

It’s just one more way that Lions & Coventry Insurance Services can provide quality coverage options for safe drivers.  Contact us today!


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