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Fidelity Bonds

Do you need Fidelity Bonds Insurance?

Fidelity Bonds

As a business owner, even if you take every precaution possible to ensure the security of your business assets, theft and dishonesty can still happen. Without the right coverage, businesses can lose important data or experience major financial losses as a result of fraudulent activity.

A Fidelity Bond from Lions & Coventry Insurance Services can indemnify your company in the event of theft. Our coverage options range from the protection of businesses to the security of non-profit and professional organizations. With the right Fidelity Bond, you can cover your assets, including money, personal belongings, computer equipment, supplies, and more. Your business or organization can also cover any employees or volunteers.

Fidelity Bond options from Lions & Coventry Insurance Services include:

While there are other options available, it’s important to discuss the needs pertaining to your business with a licensed professional.

At Lions & Coventry Insurance Services, we can provide you with the proper protection to keep your assets secure and will find the right Fidelity Bond solution for you. 

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