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Group Life Insurance

We want to answer your questions regarding Group Life Insurance and if it is right for you.

Group Life Insurance

By definition, Group Life Insurance is a type of insurance in which a singular policy provides coverage for an entire group of people (usually offered by an employer to its employees).

Group Life Insurance is a key piece of every health package and employees look to their employer to provide that valuable coverage for themselves and their families. Especially in today’s business landscape, having the ability to offer Life Insurance benefits to employees shows them that you care, which results in a happy and productive workforce. As an employer, you will also enjoy financial advantages such as income-tax deductible premiums and Life Insurance protection at a low group rate. 

At Lions & Coventry Insurance services, we offer a variety of Group Life Insurance solutions that will benefit you and your employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you acquire a strong and affordable Group Life Insurance policy.

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