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Minor Violation Forgiveness

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Minor Violation Forgiveness

Whether it’s a speeding ticket, a (debatable) rolling stop, a ticket for that broken taillight, or you were pulled over for using the carpool lane because you were late for work… citations can happen even to the safest of us. One minor violation could affect your good driving record and Minor Violation Forgiveness can offer you another chance.

Similar to Accident Forgiveness, Minor Violation Forgiveness can prevent your insurance rates from going up in the event that you receive a citation. The forgiveness applies only once per policy, and the coverage renews again after three years of the most recent minor violation.

To find out more about how you can protect your reputation as a safe driver, contact Lions & Coventry Insurance Services today. Our agents will take the time to discuss with you Minor Violation Forgiveness and the options you have to add it to your insurance policy.

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