Cannabis General Liability Insurance

As a Cannabis business owner, you face a number of risks and one of the most likely incidents you will face at some point is the unexpected “slip, trip, or fall.”  Cannabis General Liability is specifically designed to protect you from these types of claims, as well as others, including property damage, personal injury, slander, copyright infringement and more.  Whether your state or lease agreement requires Cannabis General Liability or not, we highly recommend this coverage as an essential piece to mitigate risk and enjoy being a part of this exciting industry for years to come.

Because General Liability is not always required, we understand the temptation to forgo the expense.  As an insurance brokerage, we are also aware that the unforeseen happens more often than most realize, which is why we encourage business owners to put the right coverages in place in order to ensure a successful operation for years to come.  A simple, single accident can quickly escalate into a lawsuit that is both time-consuming and costly.  By obtaining General Liability, you are investing in protection that is far less expensive than what may result if such an event occurs.  

Here at Lions and Coventry, we have a team of dedicated agents who specialize in working with cannabis businesses.  Not all insurance coverages are created equal and it’s important to have the right coverage to count on during those unexpected times when you need your policy to work for you.

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