Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance is a coverage that protects commercial property from perils such as fire, theft, vandalism and natural disasters.  Most business owners typically do not expect such an event to happen to them, but when it does, it’s usually significant and it brings all income-producing ability to a halt.  It’s easy to forget how quickly your investments add up; however, when you consider the value of the building (rented or owned), inventory, office equipment, furniture, equipment, and signage, investing in commercial property insurance is a smart way to mitigate risk and protect your hard-earned revenue. 

Our insurance specialists can help you create a policy that keeps your small-to-medium-size business insured from top to bottom by covering such items as:

  • Your building
  • All interior items (desks, furniture, etc.)
  • Any outdoor signs on your property
  • On-site equipment
  • Your inventory

Other items that are typically found on a Property Insurance policy can include Builder’s Risk insurance and Equipment Breakdown coverage. Builder’s Risk protects any materials or equipment from damage or loss sustained during construction or remodeling, while Equipment Breakdown, or Boiler and Machinery, keep any electrical, electronic, or pressurized equipment on your premises insured from breakdowns or loss.

In some cases, your business can save more by combining Property with Liability for the convenience of having your business needs met. To find out more about combining coverages and commercial property insurance, contact Lions & Coventry Insurance Services today.

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