Condo Insurance

For many, a condo is a great alternative to other dwellings and a Condo Insurance policy is specifically crafted to protect against the likely mishaps that can occur in a condominium environment.  While some condominium associations and communities indicate that they offer a form of coverage, it is usually designed to cover third parties and themselves; not you, or your property.  Furthermore, even if you own your condo, you can still be held liable for certain damages and it’s important that you have the right coverages in place to protect your investment. 

Condo Insurance can help pay for the replacement of your personal belongings in the event of fire, theft or vandalism and also extends to cover basic liability to cover bodily injury or property damage.  Unlike Renters Insurance, Condo Insurance covers any damage done to the interior of your unit and may be used to pay for the expense of fixing or replacing items like drywall, flooring, light fixtures and more. 

A Condominium Insurance policy includes other great features like guest medical protection, which pays for the medical expenses of friends and visitors who are injured on your property. In the event a fire or other disaster puts your condo out of commission, additional living expenses coverage may reimburse you for the cost of temporary housing while your unit is being fixed.

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