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Health Insurance is a valuable asset when it comes to safeguarding you and your family.  By having it, you can protect yourself from financial hardships that can arise if you or a family member are ever sick or injured and can’t work.  For businesses, having the right health benefits package is often the key to maintaining a happy and productive environment, while providing the assurance that they’re protected.

At Lions & Coventry Insurance Services, we strive to offer the best Health Insurance options possible – from individual and group plans to specialized packages that may include dental and vision coverage.

Depending on your needs, our health care packages can include:


With the rising cost of healthcare, Health Insurance has become a top priority in order to have your health expenses covered at a reasonable price. Although plans vary according to your needs, they can cover anything from medical and hospital expenses to prescription drugs.  Here at Lions & Coventry Insurance Services, we will find the best Health Insurance coverages that suit your needs and your budget. 

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Here at Lions & Coventry, we will take the time to discover your needs and find you the best solution at the best rate. Contact us today!

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